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Winnie the Pooh

Picture 1 World book day 2017!
Picture 2 Exploring shapes
Picture 3 Exploring shapes
Picture 4 Exploring ice as part of our 'cold' topic
Picture 5 Counting snowballs frozen in ice!
Picture 6 Snow day!
Picture 7 Cold sensory play!
Picture 8 I'm keeping the penguin warm!
Picture 9 Making tasty food for the birds.
Picture 10 Making tasty food for the birds.
Picture 11 Making tasty food for the birds.
Picture 12 Using the large play equipment.
Picture 13 Rolling balls!
Picture 14 Getting all the clothes clean!
Picture 15 Looking for characters
Picture 16 Making character biscuits
Picture 17 Looking for characters
Picture 18 New swing!
Picture 19 Exploring our in the Night Garden sensory area
Picture 20 Our new magic carpet!
Picture 21 World book day 2017!
Picture 22 World book day 2017!
Picture 23 Rainbow umbrella!
Picture 24 I can hear...water!
Picture 25 I can make lots of noise!
Picture 26 Exploring sounds
Picture 27 We can make loud sounds
Picture 28 I like the noise this makes!
Picture 29 Making a glittery star
Picture 30 Exploring our winter wonderland
Picture 31 What's in here?
Picture 32 Decorating the christmas tree!
Picture 33 Dressed up as a christmas tree!
Picture 34 On my bike!
Picture 35 Going backwards!
Picture 36 What's that on my head?
Picture 37 I'm a camel!
Picture 38 Little christmas pudding!
Picture 39 A pair of puddings!
Picture 40 A flippy floppy hat!
Picture 41 We picked some carrots!
Picture 42 I'm going to hide here!
Picture 43 Mark making in sand
Picture 44 Painting time!
Picture 45 Having lots of fun