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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Admission procedures and Admission Policy 2021


Parents of young children with special needs are always welcome to visit the Nursery to meet the children and staff, as well as to gain some insight into the kind of activities and work which goes on here at Sketchley Hill Menphys Nursery.

If parents decide that they would like their child to attend Sketchley Hill Menphys Nursery, a recommendation for a place needs to be made by an Educational Psychologist. Places at the nursery are then allocated by a panel which consists of representatives from the Local Authority's Special Educational Needs Service, the Educational Psychology Service, Specialist Health Visitor, Health Care Worker and Head Teacher of the Nursery. This panel usually meet twice a term. Generally children start with a 2 day place and parents are able to request extra days once their child has settled. The panel also allocates these extra days. Many of the children who attend Sketchley Hill Menphys Nursery also go to their local playgroup of other pre-school provision.

See Admissions Policy document, in Key Information section.