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Postman Pat

Picture 1 Cool Hat!
Picture 2 Enjoying dressing up but lost his hands!
Picture 3 Little bit nervous, little bit excited!
Picture 4 Having fun in our 'dinosaur cave.'
Picture 5 Washing dinosaurs, as you do!
Picture 6 A spiky playdoh and pasta dinosaur for the topic.
Picture 7 Saying "hello" to the dinosaur!
Picture 8 Open wide! Time for cabbage!
Picture 9 Looks very tasty, mind your fingers!
Picture 10 Sharing a toy from home with friends.
Picture 11 Playing at being at the shops.
Picture 12 Making friends with the dinosaurs in the cosy cave
Picture 13 Well I could just taste this one!
Picture 14 Wow! My Mummy will love these!
Picture 15 Not very happy with this one
Picture 16 Making dinosaur footprints.
Picture 17 Washing the long necked dinosaur.
Picture 18 Making dinosaur biscuits!
Picture 19 Roaring to the dinosaur!
Picture 20 Our lovely dinosaur wall in our classroom.
Picture 21 Enjoying being sung to!
Picture 22 Look who jumped out of the bushes!
Picture 23 Look out Mum, she wants a pony!
Picture 24 Music time!
Picture 25 Mmmmmm chocolate ...........
Picture 26 Playing dinosaurs together!
Picture 27 "I think you'd like this book, its Black Beauty!"
Picture 28 Great fun for all on Pancake Day
Picture 29 Enjoying Easter time!
Picture 30 Down the slide and bounce on trampoline.
Picture 31 Chasing the bubbles.
Picture 32 Lots of fun on the climbing frame and slide.
Picture 33 Making a spiky dinosaur with playdoh and pasta!
Picture 34 Very precise placing of dinosaur spikes!
Picture 35 Lots of concentration needed for making dinosaur.
Picture 36 Saying "bye" to pet horse before going out.
Picture 37 Relaxing in the sunshine on the new swing
Picture 38 Is there a Doctor in the House? Oh yes!
Picture 39 Tasty biscuit cutter for Valentines!
Picture 40 Just smelling, honestly!
Picture 41 Busy sorting the bricks for us!
Picture 42 'Talking' to the dolls.
Picture 43 Playing at vets but taking her own temperature!
Picture 44 Showing her friend what noise the toy makes.
Picture 45 'Nurse' on her well deserved break!
Picture 46 Loving the rustle of the space blanket!
Picture 47 Pet dogs come to play ball with their friend.