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Spot the Dog

Picture 1 A Big frog and a Little frog
Picture 2 Having a chat at the top of the slide
Picture 3 Preparing the dinner!
Picture 4 Having fun in the tyres!
Picture 5 A group session
Picture 6 Water play
Picture 7 Feeding the baby
Picture 8 Weeee!
Picture 9 I am enjoying my Music and Movement session
Picture 10 My first day in Spot class
Picture 11 I can ride the scooter!
Picture 12 Hello!
Picture 13 Outside play, riding the trike
Picture 14 Time to pick the Spring Onions from our garden
Picture 15 I can put the Spring Onions in the bag
Picture 16 Look my feet, I am wearing sox with toes!
Picture 17 Wearing sox with toes and my shoes on my hands
Picture 18 Exploring the hands, feet and noses
Picture 19 Exploring the home corner
Picture 20 Look at me, I can drive the car!!
Picture 21 Stacking up the different sizes of blocks
Picture 22 I found a "Daddy Longlegs" on the fence
Picture 23 Learning to decorate!
Picture 24 Sorting the colours - blue and yellow
Picture 25 Exploring the orange shape
Picture 26 Lots of sensory toys to explore
Picture 27 Using my hand to operate the lights
Picture 28 Looking at hands!
Picture 29 I am looking at myself!
Picture 30 Cauliflower printing!!
Picture 31 Learning to slice the bread
Picture 32 Cabbage printing with pink paint
Picture 33 Drink and snack time
Picture 34 Everything is "green"
Picture 35 This is one of my favourite activities!!!
Picture 36 Exploring the ice
Picture 37 This is cold!!
Picture 38 Lots of toys to explore!
Picture 39 Mark making in the sand
Picture 40 Trying out the new swing
Picture 41 Mothers day afternoon
Picture 42 I am catching the butterflies
Picture 43 Glueing and ready to stick on the butterflies!
Picture 44 Learning to climb in the soft play area
Picture 45 Incy wincy spider story
Picture 46 Gardening time
Picture 47 Going on a "bug hunt"
Picture 48 Bouncing on the trampoline with my friend
Picture 49 We looked at colours, in the sensory group
Picture 50 A colourful book to look at.
Picture 51 Cooking dinner for my friends!
Picture 52 Its fun to paint with yellow paint on the wall!
Picture 53 This is a blue painting.
Picture 54 Making a St Georges Day cross
Picture 55 Exploring the mud garden
Picture 56 looking for the bubbles!!
Picture 57 Decorating the Christmas tree.
Picture 58 Holding the pencil to colour my face picture
Picture 59
Picture 60 Saying "Hello" to my freinds
Picture 61 My "show and tell" to show my friends
Picture 62 Exploring the bat from our 'Monkey Puzzle' story
Picture 63 Mixing the leaves and mud
Picture 64 Here is a little elf
Picture 65 Pizza for us to enjoy
Picture 66 I explored the pizza box
Picture 67 Exploring the "space" table
Picture 68 Feeling the warm "sunshine"
Picture 69 Look at me, playing in the car on a warm sunny day
Picture 70 I can crawl through the tunnel
Picture 71 Icing biscuits for St George's Day
Picture 72 Can you see me!!!!
Picture 73 Resting after flying the paper butterfly!
Picture 74 Counting the spiders legs
Picture 75 8 wooden peg legs to put on the spider
Picture 76 It is a "big" tower!
Picture 77 Hold on to the tower, don't let it fall....
Picture 78 Incy Wincy lots of big spiders!!!
Picture 79
Picture 80 Sitting in the Police car!
Picture 81 "I can see through the bars of the Police van"
Picture 82 I like to eat apple for snack time
Picture 83 Healthy eating!
Picture 84 Practicing my writing skills
Picture 85 Making a fruit and vegetable picture
Picture 86 I am going "through" the tunnel
Picture 87 Sand play, in the garden
Picture 88 Going "down" the slide
Picture 89 Cold, White snow!
Picture 90 Its fun outside in the snow!
Picture 91 Snowy roads!
Picture 92 My tractor is stuck in the snow!!
Picture 93 I am using my right hand to draw my picture.
Picture 94 Drawing a picture, using 2 pencils!
Picture 95 Exploring "orange" items in our sensory group.
Picture 96 I made it! I crawled to the top step!
Picture 97 Exploring brown, shiny conkers
Picture 98 Look at me!
Picture 99 Listen to the music!
Picture 100 Colours and Shapes to explore!
Picture 101 Fresh, Cold snow.
Picture 102 My foot has turned blue!
Picture 103 Time for "Pasta Pictures"
Picture 104 Soft, white foam.
Picture 105 "This is fun"
Picture 106 This one is "Hot"
Picture 107 Having a Multi-sensory session