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Spot the Dog

Picture 1 Water play
Picture 2 Feeding the baby
Picture 3 My first day in Spot class
Picture 4 Exploring the home corner
Picture 5 Lots of sensory toys to explore
Picture 6 Everything is "green"
Picture 7 This is cold!!
Picture 8 Lots of toys to explore!
Picture 9 Mark making in the sand
Picture 10 Trying out the new swing
Picture 11 Mothers day afternoon
Picture 12 I am catching the butterflies
Picture 13 Glueing and ready to stick on the butterflies!
Picture 14 Learning to climb in the soft play area
Picture 15 Gardening time
Picture 16 Going on a "bug hunt"
Picture 17 Bouncing on the trampoline with my friend
Picture 18 Decorating the Christmas tree.
Picture 19 Exploring the bat from our 'Monkey Puzzle' story
Picture 20 Exploring the "space" table
Picture 21 Can you see me!!!!
Picture 22